Dextol | About Us

Our mission

To Build next-generation healthcare service platform.


At Dextol, our goal is to make people live healthier. Make better and best three-dimensional model (quality, Time and affordable ) of the healthcare system. we believe each and every individual have right to get good and affordable healthcare.

Who we are

We're a group of lively, gifted experts hoping to convey straightforwardness to the current healthcare system. We flourish in quick paced and inventive situations. We are straightforward, and we appreciate sinking our teeth into challenges/issues.

Our values






we love what we do, while doing we put ourselves hundred percent to accomplish. we endeavoring to improve healthcare services framework, and take care of the issues that are never addressed before, with energy and excitement. we regard our customer through good services and product offerings.

Our team

Dextol is hyderabad based startup company. hyderabad is home to dextol and our founders as well as the sales, Marketing, and talented developers works together to build next generation healthcare platform.